Course Highlights

Course deals with the explanation of technical aspects of drone, regulations, simulation and drone pilot training.

Syllabus covered

Day Program

Day 1

Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements

Basic principles of flight

Introduction to Multirotor

Drone Equipment Maintenance

Day 2

Final Test – Theory

Introduction to Flight Simulator

Flight simulator training

Practical Flying with Instructor Supervision

Day 3

Assembling of a custom drone

Practical flying with instructor supervision

Day 4

Practical flying with instructor / solo flying


At the end of the Training Course, a certificate will be presented to the participants who have attended all the sessions of the Training Course. The certificate will be titled, "Diploma in Drone Technology for completing 'MULTIROTOR DRONE/UAV PILOT COURSE"

Duration : 4 Days

Fees : 28,500 + 18% GST

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