MD - 16P

MD-16P agricultural drone is a long endurance, hybrid multirotor drone, which works on the petrol. MD-16P drone is equipped with F6000 hybrid power system and high quality flight controller system.

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid power system does not rely on external startup equipment and engine will be ignited very quickly. Engine vibration is reduced with the scientific placements of the rubber dampeners and temperature of the engine is controlled by the heat fins, due to this engine performance is increased. Hybrid power system requires a backup batteries with anti spark connectors and those batteries will be charged in the mid air. Fuel tank capacity of 3L is installed in the drone.

High Efficient Spraying System

MD-16P agricultural drone incorporates double pump, each with a capacity of 3.5 L/min with 4 double nozzles. Based on the actual tests, MD-16P agricultural drone has a swath of 4.5 to 5.5 m and due the double nozzle, spray coverage on the crop will be higher.


Dimension 1150×1150×590 mm (arm unfolded, without propellers)
Drone Characteristics
Maximum Takeoff weight (MTOW) 49 kg
Endurance 40 min
Maximum flying speed 8 m/s
Engine Characteristics
Weight 7.7 kg
Power 5 kW
Fuel consumption 6 L/h
Spray Characteristics
Tank volume 16 L
Spray swath 4.5 – 5.5 m
Pump 7 L/min
Transmitter Characteristics
Maximum Transmission Range 1000 m
Power Backup 24 hrs
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz

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