MD - 10Q

MD-10Q series agricultural drone is a quadrotor drone manufactured with light weight carbon fibers and high quality aerospace grade materials. This agri drone is adaptable with terrain and obstacle RADAR, hence provides all the safety for the user.

Foldable structure

The easy fold-up design is convenient for transportation, without weakening the original structural strength. The fold-up design can decrease 60% of the using space. Its motor arms fold inward / downward, making the aircraft compact and easy to transport.

High Efficient Spraying System

MD-10Q series drone spraying system equips a 10L capacity of wave-proof tank, efficient water pump, four nozzles. Based on the actual tests, spray width is 3-5 m and operating efficiency is 3.5L/min. Scientific placement of nozzles can decrease pesticides drift in the air and economize spraying operations.

The function of intelligent spraying flow can be controlled which is associated with the flight speed: the faster the speed, the greater the flow; Speed is lower than 0.5 m/s, pump will shut off independently. It not only ensures the uniformity of spray, but also save agricultural inputs.

Drone features

MD-10Q series drone made with high quality aerospace grade aluminum materials and carbon fibers,

Multi Operation Mode: Drone can be flown in autonomous, semi autonomous and manual mode,

Better Spray Quality: MD-10Q series agricultural drone is equipped with ultra low volume technology and 80% of the water can be saved compared to traditional spraying method,

Obstacle RADAR: Drone equipped with RADAR can detect any obstacles within the sight of 120 deg angle

Terrain RADAR: Drone equipped with RADAR can detect and automatically align the height upto 20 m

Aerodynamic Design: Outer surface of the drone / canopy design allows smooth airflow and thereby reducing the drag

Safety features

If the medicine tank gets empty, low voltage and signal loss, drone will automatically come back to home location and land

Has inbuilt detect and avoid technology

Breakpoint intelligent record


Dimension 920×920×490 mm (arm unfolded, without propeller)
Drone Characteristics
Maximum Takeoff weight (MTOW) 25 kg
Endurance 12 min (with full payload)
Maximum flying speed 10 m/s
Spray Characteristics
Tank volume 10 L
Spray swath 3 – 5 m
Transmitter Characteristics
Maximum Transmission Range 1000 m
Power Backup 24 hrs
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz

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